About Me

lieslsProfileHi! I’m Liesl. I love St. George, and am so excited to share this piece of paradise with you. I will be your virtual guide as you decide what part of this amazing place you want to explore. I have had many fabulous opportunities to visit other places, and have discovered for myself that “There’s no place like home”. The unique red and white sandstone, mixed with the black lava rock, and just enough green so as not to feel completely like a desert, constantly accented with the brilliant blue sky overhead, creates an atmosphere unlike any other.

When people ask me to describe St. George, I tell them we are a good mix between the red desert of Arizona, and the mountains, and green parts of Utah. With several different types of landscapes within an hour of St. George, everyone can find what they want and more.

I basically grew up in St. George, Utah, and I absolutely love it. I haven’t been there for more than a week in a couple of years now, but my heart remains there, and longs to go back. So when I was asked to create a website based on a specific theme, I decided to combine two things I love: Hiking and St. George.

I come from a big family, and our motto is “A Family who works and plays together, stays together.” We have had many opportunities to play and learn with each other, and have found some great hikes along the way. This website displays some of our favorite hiking spots, and also showcase some of our favorite accessories to create the adventure of a lifetime.

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