UltrAspire 2 L Reservoir

water-bladderYou know those hydration packs that leak everywhere, make a mess when you try to fill it up, and you can’t get all the water out because of the placement of the tube? I may have found the solution for you! This hydration bladder will have you back with no regrets.

Easy Open and Close Top

No more leaky hydration bladders here! While most hydration bladders leak either out the top or where the hose connects, the UltrAspire uses a Slide Seal technology to keep your liquid where it should stay instead of leaking all over your back and gear. The Slide Seal allows the top of the water bladder to open wide, not only making it easier to fill, but also providing a more convenient place to fill your hydration bladder from the top, instead of the side like many other brands. The wide top also makes it easy to clean, and when you are done, simply turn the bladder inside out to dry, preventing the moss growth that I’ve found common among hydration bladders.

Patent Pending Infusion Valve

We all know the situation. You have been hiking for a while, staying hydrated, and you can feel that you still have water in your bag, but nothing comes through the tube. Or, even with a full water bladder, the low pressure prevents you from giving your dog a drink, or letting your friend waterfall a sip. This hydration pack fixes both situations. With the new Infusion Valve you get a high-pressure water stream. No more having to work hard to get the water out of the bladder!

The Rest of the Stuff

Other than the easy to use Slide Seal top and the high flow Infusion valve, other features include:

  • PVC free, BPA free, and Phthalate free
  • Easy to turn inside out, providing a great drying experience
  • Plug-N-Play Quick Disconnect for easy tube removal
  • Durable 5/16th diameter tube for just the right amount of flow

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What Others Say

With this product being such a well-kept secret, not a lot of people have reviewed it yet. However, the average rating rests at 4 out of 5 stars. People’s comments who love this product can be summed as one review says: “Good product. Easy to fill and clean.” Although one person said it had a chemical taste, most don’t have that problem and love their product.

The Short Version

The UltrAspire 2 Liter Reservoir can change your hiking experience, and leave you ready for every adventure. With many features like being easy to fill, leak proof, and the high-pressure flow, this water bladder will have you excited for your next experience in the great outdoors.

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Clik Elite Compact Sport Pack 

compact packAre you an avid photographer who brings your camera everywhere? Do you ever worry about your precious DSLR camera in your bag while doing extreme sports? I’ve found the pack for you. Clik Elite specializes in adventure packs for photographers. Whither you are looking to take your camera as you climb into a perfect photo shoot, or are going on a bike ride that culminates in a picture perfect area, this pack will be a perfect companion to keep your camera safe.

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Swing Around DSLR Storage compartment

The whole purpose of this pack is to bring your DSLR camera with you. Not only giving easy access, but also good protection, this pack covers all its’ bases. The swing around compartment allows for easy access, while the adjustable pocket organizers also allows for a snug, well-protected fit for your camera. No need to worry that your camera will be banged around as you adventure, you can have fun knowing the camera is safe and sound. Reviewers vary on their opinion of this feature, some say the pocket isn’t big enough, while others say they like the way it keeps the camera protected. The extra padding does complicate the easy access slightly, but not enough to hinder people from using it. Probably the biggest drawback to this pack comes from not having much storage space for other equipment. The DSLR pocket is nice, but in keeping the compact feel, it takes most the room in the pack.

Comfortable Fit

jumpingBuilt for adventure, the sleek design, and snug fit of this pack make it easy and comfortable for hiking, skiing, biking, and any other activity you may be participating in. One reviewer commented saying: “The bag stays tightly flushed against your back feeling like an appendage rather than a burden.” Another, talking specifically about their experience skiing said: “It has a proper shoulder and waist system for movement.” Overall this well designed bag makes adventures with a pack easy.

Other Special Treasures

This bag has many other special features including:

  • Organizer panel inside camera pocket allowing easy access to camera accessories
  • Built in, yet removable rain-fly
  • Ability to work with several accessories for personalized needs
  • Hydration pocket for a 1-liter bag
  • Pocket to bring your tripod along as well

Compact Summary for a Compact Pack

Small enough to take anywhere, yet just the right size to carry your camera with you this pack provides the perfect companion to bring along on any adventure.

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