The Beauty of Hiking in St. George

hiking-st-george-utahSt. George, a popular vacationing spot, offers a variety of activities that provides fun for any member of the family. With good weather all year round and beautiful scenic views, one of the best things to do in St. George is to enjoy a hike in the great outdoors. Ranging from an enjoyable walk around Snow Canyon State Park, or a more adventurous climb in Zion National Park, there are trails for everyone.


Hiking in Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park is one of Southern Utah’s many hidden gems. Offering a wide variety of color, the red sandstone mixed with white hills and heavily scattered with black lava rock, creates a stunning effect, unmatched in its beauty, and provides a great place to hike and explore. Snow Canyon, extending 16 miles up the valley, and only approximately 2 miles across, provide easily accessible hiking to the many nooks and crannies that are found in this beautiful Southern Utah Park. With many lookout points, the hidden treasure of Johnson’s Arch, and other popular hikes through the red rocks, Snow Canyon can easily provide a day hiking full of fun and adventure.

Hiking in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area

Located 14 miles Northeast of St. George, the Red Cliffs Recreation Area shows its beautiful colors the best in the spring when the water rises high enough to play in. While enjoying both short and long hikes you can find many unexpected treasures in this area, including slot canyons, archeology sites, and dinosaur tracks. Controlled by the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve, a wide variety of plants and animals call this protected area home. So pack your hiking boots, plenty of water, and come prepared for a blast.


Hiking in Zion National Park

Just under an hour drive from St. George, Zion National Park, “The dwelling place of God”, is perhaps the most well known attraction of Southern Utah. Attracting people from all over the World, Hiking in Zion provides a stunning view for both the beginner and the more advanced hiker alike. The beautiful red and white striped cliffs, carved over thousands of years by the Virgin River, makes one feel closer to the Creator of the Universe. Some of the popular hiking destinations for varying levels of hikers include the Narrows, Angels Landing, the Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock, and more.

So pack your bags and come visit us. Whether you are here for the day, or looking to fill your weekend, there are many hikes in St. George that will catch your heart, and leave you longing for more.


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